Our people are all committed to a career in the life sciences industry.

We seek intellectual curiosity, a flexible ‘can-do’ attitude, comfort with complex analytical problem-solving, and sensitivity to the practicalities of organisational issues.

We work collaboratively with client teams, recognising that our clients are responsible for their businesses and we are responsible for bringing the best insight and inspiration to help them achieve strategic change. Our style of consulting is learned primarily through experience. We are committed to active on-project coaching and encouragement to our people as they develop professionally.

We are always interested in hearing from people who want to make a difference in the life sciences industry and apply the craft of consulting to that end. We hire staff in all of the following roles:

Engagement Manager

  • Leads the entire operations of a major multi-stream engagement, aligning all team members and ensuring deliverables are accomplished appropriately.
  • Steers all Novasecta and client contributions into an integrated whole, keeping in mind the big picture as well as the details.
  • Manages day-to-day working relationships with sponsoring client executives.

Senior Associate

  • Leads a work stream or small client project.
  • Prepares insightful framing and challenge to drive new thought and progress in relation to client project goals.
  • Manages and guides client teams to analyse issues, coordinate tasks/activities and synthesise team inputs into objective/fact-based solutions.


  • Prepares, executes and presents deliverables for a single or multiple work streams, integrating contributions from self, Novasecta and client team members.
  • Works with client team members and Novasecta team to complete project-related tasks.
  • Prepares customised analyses and presentations for client assignments and Novasecta's multi-company meetings and publications.

To apply for a role at Novasecta, please submit your CV and cover letter.