Our pharmaceutical industry clients

Novasecta was founded in 2003 from the strong belief that pharmaceutical clients require consultants that care about and deeply understand their industry.

In the early years we consciously selected a group of clients that we felt were often poorly served by larger generalist consulting firms. We then provided these clients with consulting teams that really understood how to make the best of their unique resources. We named the group of clients ‘MidPharmas’, as they happened to be mostly mid-sized by comparison with their Big Pharma and small biotech competitors. By working with these clients we found a tremendous diversity in business models and built an enormous knowledge base about the diverse ways that companies deal with the industry’s toughest challenges.

As the industry has evolved, so we have evolved to work with MidPharmas, larger pharmaceutical companies, medical technology companies and smaller ‘biotech’ companies. We apply our founding principles and skills across the entire pharmaceutical and medical product industry.

A selection of our pharma and biotech clients: