Upgrade the corporate matrix and governance model

A redesign of the corporate matrix and governance model to engage cross-functional stakeholders in the R&D portfolio


A Pharma company needed to improve the functioning of its corporate matrix, decision-making and R&D project governance, replace functional siloes with improved cross-functionality, and ensure appropriate cascading of the corporate strategic direction throughout the organisation.

This was becoming an increasingly important issue as the company moved towards a radically different, more innovative product portfolio.

  • Interviewed multiple cross-functional stakeholders across the matrix to diagnose the business-critical issues the company was facing and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Co-created a new, bespoke matrix and governance model with the client, based on the defined areas in most significant need of change
  • Developed a clear process for the implementation phase of the redesign, including required implementation workstreams, owners and timelines and a plan for company communication
  • New cross-functional strategic therapeutic area portfolio teams, simplified and restructured project governance bodies, and upgraded and leaner Project Teams
  • CEO and top-level cross-functional commitment to prioritise the implementation of the new matrix model and to lead and role-model the fundamental mindset shift that it enabled