The Novasecta European MidPharma Report 2021

Europe is home to 85 ‘MidPharmas’ that invest in developing and commercialising pharmaceutical products – each company generates €100m-€3bn in annual revenue. Ambitious pharma and biotech leaders can learn a lot from them.

In our sixth annual report into this sector, we look at this microcosm of the global industry and examine how its companies survive and thrive.

What To Expect In The Report

MidPharmas are an exemplar of what it takes to be successful in the pharmaceutical industry. In this report, we examine the roots of this sector’s success, which primarily lie in two dimensions: product innovation and commercial innovation.

We first cover ownership – three-quarters of MidPharmas are privately controlled, which creates its own dynamics and requirements. For product innovators, we explore the companies that rely on R&D to define their future. We look at how a clear focus on a technology platform or therapeutic area can drive growth and profitability, so long as the operating model is fit for purpose. For commercial innovators, we delve into the diverse world of those creating value from on-market medicines, often past their patent expiries. In this case with the focus on finding product portfolio, geographical and patient journey niches that lend themselves to an innovative operating model.

We conclude with optimism. Since we started working with and tracking MidPharmas many years ago, we’ve seen big improvements in both growth and EBIT margins. This isn’t yet universal but it shows what is possible at this scale, and demonstrates that necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

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