Evolve the R&D operating model

An evolved R&D operating model to serve new corporate requirements for product maintenance and NME innovation


A change in the corporate strategy required the R&D organisation of a MidPharma to evolve and structure its activities from a Life Cycle Management and Product Maintenance focus to a mixed model incorporating NME innovation

The R&D head and R&D Leadership team were not clear or aligned on what the new strategic focus, structure, governance, and roles and responsibilities should be for the R&D organisation


Deeply investigated and diagnosed the organisation’s current focus, structures, practices and processes for R&D activities

Interviewed a broad range of executives from our proprietary network of R&D leaders to explore the processes and models that they applied to managing R&D projects in both product maintenance and innovation, and the nature of outsourcing they applied to each

Explored options and designed an evolved operating model for the new R&D organisation

  • A clearly articulated and comprehensive operating model comprising R&D focus, organisational structure, practices, and processes
  • Alignment and commitment of the R&D leadership team to implement the new model