Launching in Europe: Self-commercialisation

“They think differently about getting to the answer and made me think differently about the commercial approach”

CEO – Biotech

Establishing a commercial footprint in Europe is a great approach for companies with global ambition. The European market presents unique challenges, which non-EU companies may not have experienced, so launching in Europe is often seen as a complex task.

Although there are challenges to enter the market the rewards are there for companies who understand their markets and utilise European expertise to navigate them, such as Gilead which is now one of the world’s biggest pharma companies.

Many US and Asian companies enlist local European support to traverse the landscape which combines centralised EU bodies and individual countries, who have their own unique processes for regulation, market access and pricing, to produce a diverse market with individual needs.

There are many steps to self-commercialisation and they require deep expertise in the European market to execute:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Go-To-Market model
  • Assess and design launch planning
  • Affiliate establishment
  • Ongoing regional support

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