Approaches to Managing Organisational Complexity

Big Pharma companies deliver value and innovation to patients through the scale and diversity of their portfolios. However, as scale and diversity increase, so too does organisational complexity.

To effectively manage increasing complexity, organisations need to define a clear strategic focus and embed a fit-for-purpose operating model. There is no single approach to doing this, and organisations need to carefully consider their own unique context.

In this white paper, we evaluate three organisations, each embedding strategic and operational excellence in its own unique way. We take a closer look at:

  • Novartis and its focus on a priority geography
  • Gilead’s emphasis on sequential therapeutic area expansion
  • Sanofi’s efforts on transformative innovation for patients

Scale and organisational complexity come hand-in-hand for pharmaceutical companies that deliver value and innovation through large, diversified portfolios. How each company manages organisational complexity will be unique to its own culture, strengths, and position in the market, but having a clear strategic focus and an operating model that will deliver it are key components to managing this most effectively.

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