As an authority on the pharma/biotech industry, Novasecta is routinely asked to contribute insight to the press. Browse below for the perspectives we have shared.

John Rountree discusses another Roche setback (CNBC)
11 September 2017

Turning world-leading British science into medicines
26 August 2017

John Rountree discusses the EU probe into Bayer's proposed merger (CNBC)
23 August 2017

GSK's evolving business model (Daily Telegraph)
7 August 2017

Pharma frenemies (The Economist)
4 August 2017

John Rountree discusses Novartis' Gene Therapy progress (CNBC)
13 July 2017

John Rountree discusses Roche's oncology setback (CNBC)
6 June 2017

John Rountree discusses what the American Health Care Act could mean for pharma (CNBC) 
24 March 2017

Brian McGee comments on Bayer's outlook following its recent acquisition (CNBC) 
22 February 2017

Private equity firms bid on Stada (Scrip) 
13 February 2017

Keeping it in the family pays dividends (Pharmaceutical Market Europe) 
10 February 2017

Pressed Sanofi CEO hopes for positive Dupixent launch, Praluent ruling (Scrip) 
8 February 2017

Brian McGee discusses GSK's prospects (CNBC) 
8 February 2017

J&J and Actelion point to the industry's future (Scrip, CNBC) 
26 January 2017

Cost of pharma M&A doubles (Financial Times, Endpoints, FiercePharma, The Pharma Letter) 
04 January 2017

Recruitment in UK pharma sector harder post-Brexit vote (The Telegraph) 
04 January 2017

John Rountree discusses pharma outlook 2017 (CNBC) 
29 December 2016

2016 in Review  
22 December 2016

Actelion exploring strategic transaction (Bloomberg, Financial Times, Reuters, The Pharma Letter) 
22 December 2016

Sweden vies for the EMA post-Brexit (The Telegraph) 
8 December 2016

Pfizer fined for price hike, may incur additional damages (The Telegraph) 
8 December 2016

Brexit research published (In Vivo) 
29 November 2016

Cheap capital gives rise to integrated pharma R&D (MedNous) 
29 November 2016

Thought disruption in R&D discovery (MedNous) 
29 November 2016

How to overcome microbial resistance (Labiotech) 
24 November 2016

Increased UK funding for science and tech (Reuters) 
21 November 2016

What Trump means for European pharma - the long view (The Pharma Letter) 
15 November 2016

Raising capital: how UK biotechs can avoid the 'worst of both worlds' (The Pharma Letter) 
8 November 2016

GSK's and Bayer's Q3 results (Bloomberg, The Telegraph) 
26 October 2016

Brian McGee discusses pharma investor perspectives (CNBC) 
26 October 2016

Brexit: John Rountree's take on the ABPI/BIA report (The Sunday Telegraph) 
24 October 2016

Bayer: betting that big M&A can deliver more value than partnerships and organic growth (The Pharma Letter) 
29 September 2016

GSK's new CEO (Reuters, The Telegraph, et al.) 
20 September 2016

A well-groomed 'insider-outsider' - GSK's new CEO, Emma Walmsley (The Pharma Letter) 
20 September 2016

Brian McGee discusses the future for Bayer (CNBC) 
14 September 2016

John Rountree discusses Bayer's M&A activity (CNBC) 
06 September 2016

Getting GSK back to growth (The Pharma Letter) 
18 August 2016

From mid-cap to Big Pharma: the challenge for Shire (The Times) 
03 August 2016

John Rountree discusses Bayer's results and prospects (CNBC) 
27 July 2016

Risks for UK Biotech (The Sunday Times) 
24 July 2016

Novasecta's Perspective on Brexit (Biotech and Money) 
07 July 2016

John Rountree discusses M&A and partnerships in pharma (CNBC) 
24 May 2016

From rough diamonds to jewels in the crown: 2016 is the year British biotechs will come of age (The Pharma Letter) 
24 May 2016

John Rountree discusses pharmaceutical sector issues and Allergan's prospects (CNBC) 
9 May 2016

GSK returns to growth but has it put the fundamentals in place to sustain it? (The Pharma Letter) 
3 May 2016

Pharma and academia are natural partners for R&D (MedNous) 
17 February 2016

Why the time has come for MidPharmas (MedNous) 
5 March 2014

Understanding and Choosing Your Partner: Big Pharma, MidPharma, or Biotech? (One Nucleus Life Science Leadership Series Presentation, Cambridge UK) 
11 February 2014