Strengthen external innovation

An external innovation sourcing model with global capabilities to enable high quality access to the right ecosystems


A new corporate strategy that focused on accessing increased innovation in a MidPharma’s core therapeutic area required extra global reach and capabilities to access external innovation

External innovation activities were split between R&D and BD and not located in a way that would ensure both access to the right innovation and integration with the internal organisation


Defined a clear external innovation focus in terms of pipeline stages, technology modalities, types of collaboration, asset risks, deal archetypes, and geography

Designed a lean external innovation sourcing model inspired by the approaches of other companies and analysis of where the desired technologies and assets were concentrated

Created a business plan and implementation roadmap to successfully embed the new model and characterise the resources and investment requirements for success

  • Executive committee approval for a new resourcing model and processes for external innovation with increased investments into strategic locations
  • A more focused and effective external innovation machine to enrich the innovation pipeline