AstraZeneca sacrifices revenue with a no-profit Covid-19 vaccine (Daily Mail)

Astrazeneca sacrificed over £21billion of revenues by selling its Covid vaccine at no profit

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, AstraZeneca received substantial praise for agreeing to make the “oxford vaccine” available at cost. However, as countries have struggle to struggled to secure sufficient supply the conversation has soured.

Commenting on the situation, Novasecta’s managing partner John Rountree, characterised Astrazeneca’s decision as ‘courageous’, then expanded on the challenge of bringing a new medicine to market at breakneck speed ‘It is not easy to produce vaccines and yet they have managed to do this very fast. Inevitably, it will not all go smoothly all the way but that is normal. And even now when they are getting some bad publicity, they are taking it in their stride and being very professional.’

As politicians continue to deflect blame onto one another, regulators, and companies let’s hope that the early signals of vaccine nationalism subside as more vaccines and supply comes on stream.