Reimagine Pharma’s Commercial Model

Pharma has long been evolving its commercial model, but the pandemic has highlighted the need to accelerate this process. And for the emerging commercial model to succeed, Pharma and Biotech businesses are going to need to evolve. Remote working, for example, has changed how our industry interacts with its customers and your business will need […]

Make a Lasting Difference Through Cross-Functional Collaboration

Effective cross-functional collaboration is essential for the future of pharma and biotech firms. Nurtured and encouraged correctly, it stimulates creative thinking that can boost the success of your entire firm – which makes implementing it into your company’s processes an absolute must. In this on-demand webinar, Andrew Bell of Novasecta was joined by three leaders […]

Create An Effective Pharma R&D Mindset

Productive R&D is the lifeblood of pharmaceutical companies. But great pharmaceutical R&D requires a mindset that transcends classical management approaches. How can organisations create effective R&D mindsets to ensure they continue to get the most from their internal and external R&D ecosystems? How do they acquire, motivate and manage the multiple sources of internal and […]

AstraZeneca sacrifices revenue with a no-profit Covid-19 vaccine (Daily Mail)

Astrazeneca sacrificed over £21billion of revenues by selling its Covid vaccine at no profit Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, AstraZeneca received substantial praise for agreeing to make the “oxford vaccine” available at cost. However, as countries have struggle to struggled to secure sufficient supply the conversation has soured. Commenting on the situation, Novasecta’s managing partner […]

Vaccine nationalism could be devastating (CNBC)

“Vaccine nationalism” is turning the search for a Covid-19 cure into an arms race, which will ultimately damage the economy and public health, experts have warned. Despite these warnings, John Rountree is optimistic about vaccine access. John told CNBC, distribution and supply challenges are “much more solvable” than actually finding a vaccine that works and […]

Evolve the R&D operating model

Challenge A change in the corporate strategy required the R&D organisation of a MidPharma to evolve and structure its activities from a Life Cycle Management and Product Maintenance focus to a mixed model incorporating NME innovation The R&D head and R&D Leadership team were not clear or aligned on what the new strategic focus, structure, […]

Align and focus market access

Challenge Market changes were causing increased access and pricing pressure, requiring more leadership from the Global Market Access (GMA) team of the diagnostic unit of a Big Pharma The GMA was not engaging proactively with development and commercial teams to set access and pricing strategy and evolve the company’s development and commercial strategies Solution Engaged […]

Enhancing medical affairs capabilities

Challenge Inconsistent development and delivery of publication strategies across the Medical Affairs’ Scientific Communications Leaders (SCLs) responsible for a Big Pharma’s top therapeutic area Many SCLs were not viewed as business partners by development and commercial teams, significantly hindering their ability to deliver effective publication strategies for the portfolio Solution Structured discussions with 16 development, […]

Strengthen and rebalance R&D capabilities

Challenge Following a new corporate strategy, a MidPharma had re-oriented its R&D strategy to improve external innovation sourcing and broaden its technology focus Though the new strategy was clear, the details of the capabilities required to execute it, both existing and new, were less clear, and there was no step-wise plan to rebalance capabilities Solution […]