Business growth: Bespoke strategists lead the way

The pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, with both drug approvals and the cost of making new drugs trending upwards.

Despite ruthless cost-cutting and reducing investment in both commercial and R&D infrastructure, the world’s top pharmaceutical companies continue to grow their top-line revenue.

In our white paper, we classify leading companies into three segments to illustrate the contrasting dominant strategic philosophies that have been applied to achieve business growth:

  • Build – companies typically invest 10-25% of revenue in R&D and have maintained excellent profitability by focusing on what they uniquely do well.
  • Breakthrough – companies have typically invested more than 25% of revenue in R&D and have achieved success from a limited number of highly innovative products.
  • Buy – companies that have taken a primarily acquisition-oriented approach to growth, typically investing less than 10% of revenue in R&D and achieving relatively low annual profitability as a % of revenues.

Many of the companies had one critical factor in common – a bespoke strategy that focussed on the capabilities they uniquely excel at.

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