Commercial and R&D: Value Lost in Translation?

Aligning R&D activities with commercial realities is an issue as old as the pharmaceutical industry itself. But it’s no closer to being solved. The importance of a commercial perspective in R&D is only growing as the downward pressure on drug prices and limitations on market access from payers continue to increase.

In parallel, as pharmaceutical organisations have become more complex, and organisational functions have become larger and often more fragmented, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure integrated and holistic commercially-oriented behaviour in R&D.

This causes significant frustration in both R&D and Commercial functions, not to mention unrealised value creation. In this White Paper we explore the R&D-Commercial interface and what can be done to improve it, specifically:

  • The importance of building and nurturing a ‘conversation culture’ in your organisation
  • How you can break out of ‘silos’ and ensure all functions are speaking the same language
  • The need to embed the three ‘core enablers’ for commercially-oriented R&D

In time, organisations can evolve to make better choices related to both R&D and commercialisation. R&D can be better enabled to generate more products of value, while commercial functions can be afforded the time necessary for optimal launch planning. There are many benefits from making the effort to understand one another.

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