Funding clinical development: More creativity required?

Securing adequate funding for clinical development remains a central challenge for pharmaceutical companies as they and their investors appear less willing to finance development through their P&L accounts than they are to find cash for deal-making and M&A.

However, alternative funding models have started to emerge that can provide access to capital with control over the asset and its development.

In this white paper, we classify the available funding options for clinical development and explore the key attributes and risks of each, with a focus on:

  • The five alternative ways to fund clinical development that offer more tailored financing and risk management solutions
  • Experience with new funding models, including examples of different financing options
  • How companies should address funding issues by considering five core drivers to ensure that the most value-generating projects flourish

To date the creativity that has been applied to financing early-stage projects and companies has not been as widespread in the more expensive area of clinical development, but companies should continue to exploit multiple financing models to provide options and flexibility in funding.

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