The Novasecta Global 100

The Novasecta Global 100 is a comprehensive look at how the world’s top pharma companies are shaping the future of healthcare.

Our report analyses the companies as whole entities rather than pharma business alone in order to fully explore the impact of their diverse business models and choices. We cover their performance across multiple dimensions, their capital allocation choices, their innovation models, and their commercial models. We explain how the Global 100 is:

  • Highly diverse: headquartered in many different countries, with very different business models
  • Innovative: with many alternative approaches to investing in new solutions for patients
  • Commercially successful: achieving impressive profitability and revenue growth through value or volume, yet finding it harder to sustain top-line revenue growth at the top
  • Collaborative: with partnerships across country boundaries becoming more favoured than M&A to develop and provide access to medicines

In our report we touch upon how companies are dealing with many of the issues currently facing them, including patent expiry, new commercial modelsthe changing role of Medical Affairsapproaches to innovation and whether to pursue M&A or strategic collaborations.

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