Grow through Strategic Collaborations

The rising costs of M&A and R&D continue to challenge the global pharmaceutical industry. This means CEOs need to explore ever more innovative ways to create business value, such as those presented through strategic collaborations.

Initiating and maintaining strategic partnerships can be a complex process. They require trust, robust processes, and most importantly, courage. But they can be carried out effectively with commitment, engagement and leadership.

In this report, we take a closer look at strategic collaborations, and specifically focus on:

  • The need for new paradigms to fuel pharma company growth
  • The key differences between strategic collaborations and conventional BD activities
  • The pioneers who are using strategic collaborations to fuel transformative growth
  • How strategic partnerships can add value to your organisation
  • The lessons we have learnt from the entrepreneurial clients who have paved the way for collaborative success

The need for strategic collaborations across the pharmaceutical industry has never been greater. If CEOs are to shape the strategic focus of their businesses to drive value creation and growth, it is time to work together to make that happen.

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