How to Power Pharma and Biotech R&D with Sharp Commercial Insights

Pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) organisations and pre-revenue biotechs aim to discover and develop medicines that will make a meaningful difference to patients’ lives.

Such medicines will be those that are ‘commercially’ successful, so ‘commercial insight’ is a must-have for any effective R&D effort.

In this article we explore how pharma and biotech companies leverage commercial knowledge to shape successful R&D, and discuss:

  • The key differences in their approaches, and how common challenges are overcome.
  • The strategic value of integrating commercial insights in the early stages of R&D.
  • The importance of unlocking the commercial insights of your team and their networks.
  • The need to integrate commercial insight from multiple sources in a way that drives rapid, high-quality decision making.

The article is based on discussions with pharma and biotech leaders at our recent face-to-face workshop that focussed on how companies can make the most of their R&D potential.

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