Integrated and Open Innovation: The Best of Both Worlds

Pharmaceutical companies continue to embrace the concept of leveraging innovation from external sources to build and balance their internal R&D pipelines.

However, management systems that are geared towards progressing internal assets struggle to cope with the challenge of dealing with outside parties. This means that open innovation is often assigned to a new group of executives rather than integrated culturally into proud and established internal R&D organisations.

In this white paper, we explore this integration challenge and the ways that companies can successfully apply both an integrated and open innovation approach to their R&D and commercial activities, with an emphasis on:

  • The plethora of open innovation approaches that reach beyond traditional one-to-one partnering and licensing
  • The three important challenges of effective integrated and open innovation: finding quality, embracing the outside, and managing the integration of the outside and inside
  • How to overcome these challenges to embed integrated and open innovation in your organisation

Integration with internal resources may be difficult, but competition for quality innovation is so intense that the open and integrated innovation that is required to succeed is here to stay.

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