What it takes to leverage AI in pharma and biotech R&D

In March 2024 John Rountree, Managing Director of Novasecta, facilitated Chatham-House-Rules discussion for senior executives in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, focusing on how firms can make the most of (Artificial Intelligence) AI for their Research and Development (R&D) efforts. This report summarises insights from the workshop.

  • Pharmaceutical R&D leaders must understand the potential of AI
  • Most AI R&D use cases so far have been for operational or process improvement
  • It is still early days for transformative AI R&D use cases
  • Multiple challenges in data and people remain
  • How to best leverage AI for pharmaceutical R&D

With transparency, realism, and a truly multi-disciplinary and cross-functional mindset, AI has great potential in pharmaceutical R&D. The best is yet to come.

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