Manage R&D to Create Value

It wasn’t long ago that Morgan Stanley urged pharmaceutical companies to “Exit Research and Create Value”, but the reality today is more complicated.

We firmly believe that an excellent internal R&D organisation has the potential to create better products faster, rather than leaving R&D to others.

To turn this into a reality, pharmaceutical companies need to actively manage R&D to create real, tangible value. But where should you start?

In this white paper, we discuss the five key dimensions that drive R&D productivity:

  • Dynamic Product Strategy
  • Deep Commercial Insight
  • Sound Commercial Model
  • Strong Product Leadership
  • Fit-For-Purpose Governance

Managing R&D to create value is not as quick or simple as “exiting research to create value”.

But it is certainly a more powerful way to create fantastic medicines that will benefit patients and sustain the future of a pharmaceutical company.

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