Reimagine Pharma’s Commercial Model

Pharma has long been evolving its commercial model, but the pandemic has highlighted the need to accelerate this process. And for the emerging commercial model to succeed, Pharma and Biotech businesses are going to need to evolve.

Remote working, for example, has changed how our industry interacts with its customers and your business will need to respond to ensure you’re not the ones left behind.

In this webinar, Andrew Bell of Novasecta was joined by Kabir Nath (Senior Managing Director, Otsuka), Samantha Pearce (SVP Head of Europe and International, Jazz Pharmaceuticals) and Adam Aleksiejuk (Commercial and E-commerce Director, Polpharma) to discuss their thoughts on Pharma’s brave new world, and to share their insights into how you can seize the opportunities created by the evolving commercial model to deliver superior results for your Pharma organization.

In this interactive discussion, our panel also shared their advice on a range of topics to help you improve your commercial model, including:

  • Examples of effective commercial models that leaders in the industry are using today.
  • How remote working has changed how Pharma interacts with its key customers and why this matters for your business’s commercial model.
  • How to respond to the other opportunities created by the shift in Pharma’s commercial model.

If you are a commercial leader in a pharma or biotech company, you won’t want to miss this.

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