Overcoming Pharma’s Value and Access Challenges

As healthcare budgets continue to tighten, the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly crowded with innovative, expensive medicines.

Demonstrating the value of new medicines and negotiating a price that rewards investment in innovation is becoming increasingly challenging for pharma companies. Payers are evolving value assessment approaches and pricing policy to manage the challenge of reimbursing new medicines at the prices proposed by pharma companies.

Embedding operational excellence in Value and Access is critical to overcome the challenges pharma companies now face.

In this white paper, we outline the key imperatives to achieve operational excellence in the following areas:

  • Demonstrating Value
  • Obtaining a Price that Rewards Innovation
  • Negotiating with Unified Payers and HTAAs

To ensure patients can get timely access to innovative medicines at a fair price, pharma companies must convince payers of products’ compelling clinical and economic value, proactively shape the pricing and reimbursement environment in collaboration with external stakeholders, and adopt a global perspective.

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