Practical Patient Centricity

The pharmaceutical industry has multiple customers, including healthcare professionals and payers, but the ultimate customers are always patients.

However, the reality for many companies is that patient centricity remains limited to words on mission statements, rather than embedded in day-to-day activity.

Our white paper explores the ways in which companies are changing their business models to become more patient-centric, with an emphasis on:

  • Why patient centricity matters, including the three key reasons why companies should embrace a patient-centric approach
  • The four critical success factors that will help you embed patient centricity, with some important ‘watch outs’ to be aware of
  • The common reasons why patient centricity efforts can fail

Patient centricity is being adopted across the pharmaceutical industry with varying results. Companies that take a structured, rigorous approach that engages employees across the value chain and welcomes both success and failure are seeing the biggest rewards so far. For those yet to embrace patient centricity, the greatest barriers are internal.

If you’d like to learn more about adopting a patient-centric approach, download our white paper via the link above.