The Novasecta European MidPharma Report 2023

Europe is home to 93 ‘MidPharmas’: companies with €100m-€10bn annual revenue that develop and commercialise pharmaceutical products. In our eighth annual European MidPharma report, we examine this important sector of the pharmaceutical industry and contrast it with European-headquartered Big Pharma. We also take a closer look at the ingredients required for continued success.

What to Expect in the Report

This year’s report explores how MidPharmas are addressing continued challenges, particularly related to balancing the need for R&D investment with sustaining healthy profitability. It describes how the most successful MidPharma companies are delivering growth and impressive returns for their often-private shareholders, through action to:

  • Relentlessly reinforce a strategic focus
  • Increase R&D productivity
  • Maintain profitable commercialisation

You can download your free copy of our 2023 report via the button above.