The Novasecta European MidPharma Report 2022

Europe is home to 97 ‘MidPharmas’ – companies that develop and commercialise pharmaceutical products, with €100m-€6bn annual revenue. In our seventh annual report into this sector, we examine how these companies thrive, explore the key lessons similar organisations can learn, and conclude with imperatives for the entire pharmaceutical and biotech ecosystem.

What To Expect In The Report

One thing is for sure, Europe’s MidPharmas are resilient and ever changing. Business models that relied on selling Big Pharmas’ products in local markets are not profitable anymore; Research and Development (R&D) has become more difficult and expensive, incremental innovation cannot command the price that it used to and sustainability is no longer guaranteed.

In this report we analyse the performance of European MidPharmas, examining public domain data across multiple metrics, and outlining the key learnings. We structure our analysis according to the four fundamental strategic imperatives in such companies:

  • Sharpen the strategic focus
  • Reimagine R&D
  • Seize external opportunities
  • Prioritise profitability growth

MidPharmas that have changed themselves based on these imperatives continue to thrive. They are an inspiration for both Big Pharma and the pre-revenue biotech companies that aspire to more than being acquired by a Big Pharma.

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