Turning world-leading science into medicines (Daily Telegraph)

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph titled “How do you turn world-leading British science into medicines?”, John Rountree was quoted in the section of the article that referred to the “Brexit elephant in the room”.

Echoing Pascal Soriot’s comments in the article that all AstraZeneca’s new capital investment was on hold due to the current uncertainty, John commented that with supply chains across different countries, if there are extra barriers and paperwork clearly that will be a deterrent to inward investment into the UK.

While it’s great to see the government and industry and academia getting together for initiatives to create great medicines, the direction that is being taken for Brexit is clearly not helpful. Pharmaceuticals is a collaborative industry, and as such the common regulations and relatively frictionless movement of people and trade within the EU has undoubtedly benefited the industry and patients to date.