Transform Value And Access

Value and Access has always been an important but often undervalued function. The increasing complexities of securing favourable patient access has made the acceleration of its journey an imperative. No longer part of a supporting cast, V&A now demands a cross-functional leadership role in your organisation to optimise product development and maximise commercial success.

In this webinar, John Gregson of Novasecta was joined by Lee Moore (Executive Director, Global Value & Access Head of Oncology, Gilead), Simon Shohet (Head of International Market Access, Amicus Therapeutics) and Julie Spiesser (Head of Global Market Access for Specialty Care & Center of Excellence, Sanofi) to discuss their thoughts on the importance of recognising V&A as a leadership function, and to share their insights on the role it must play to deliver both clinical and commercial success.

In this interactive discussion, our panel also shared their advice on a range of topics, including:

  • How optimising patient access and reimbursement is key for pharma companies looking to maximise the success of launching and established products.
  • The importance of frequent and peer-like interactions between V&A and more traditional leadership functions such as Marketing, Medical Affairs and R&D.
  • And why it’s critical for V&A to accelerate its journey from being a perceived support function to an expert global leader in your organisation.

If you are a V&A leader, or a Marketing, Medical Affairs or R&D leader collaborating with V&A, you will definitely want to watch this on-demand webinar:

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