Embed a cross-functional process to optimise market access

A cross-functional market access process to align the organisation on key market access activities across brands and affiliates


Global Market Access (GMA) was not inputting early enough into product development and commercialisation decisions and was viewed as a service provider by Commercial and Medical.

Key market access activities were not consistently implemented across different products and the role of different teams in supporting these activities was not aligned across the global organisation and affiliates.

  • Understood what was working well and areas for improvement through discussions with key GMA team members and their internal stakeholders
  • Developed a new process through multiple workshops which outlined key market access activities and the responsibilities of each function in delivering them
  • Created a new governance structure, including a cross-functional market access committee, to ratify key decisions and resolve disputes
  • An organisation aligned on a new market access process and governance to ensure consistent timing and implementation of key market access activities across brands, earlier involvement of market access in product development, and greater clarity between global and affiliates
  • Improved market access decision-making and execution