Accelerate access to excellent partners

Well qualified potential development and commercialisation partners for an asset and technology portfolio


A biotech with on-market assets and a novel technology platform needed partners across different regions as it could not fully self-fund global development and commercialisation

The biotech did not have a rich understanding and network into one of its key target regions for partnerships, and needed to accelerate its senior-level access in the right companies


Developed a strong rationale for partnering and created tailored documentation to support discussions with potential partners that would be attractive in each partner’s eyes

Screened and prioritised a long-list of companies, and identified partner candidates with suitable scale, strategic fit, and capabilities

Contacted partner candidates using our network of senior decision-makers to receive rapid feedback on the partnering value proposition

  • A significantly accelerated business development timeline with direct introductions to senior executives in well qualified and interested companies
  • Multiple new advanced stage partnering negotiations with insight into how to close them