Accelerate and focus deal-making

Closed deals with diverse collaboration partners for an on-market and clinical asset portfolio


A mature biotech company could not fund the further development and commercialisation of all of its products, so needed good partners for its asset portfolio across different regions

Not many global and regional partners were suitable for the company’s unique products that combined device and drug elements in clinical procedures


Crafted a strong strategy and rationale for partnering and developed marketing documents in the form of pitch-books and executive summaries

Developed and prioritised a long-list of potential partners for each of the assets using criteria and bespoke profiling of potential partners

Contacted the potential partners using our high-level network, allowing us to reach senior decision-makers and receive rapid feedback on the relevant propositions

  • Three signed deals with different companies for different products in the portfolio including a licensing deal, a divestment and a collaboration
  • A focused and restructured portfolio with the partners and funding to further develop the company’s assets