Align and engage medical affairs

Alignment and implementation of an organisational structure for a multi-indication Global Medical Affairs team


A Big Pharma Medical Affairs team for a leading immunotherapy portfolio was not delivering as effectively as it could across the multiple indications it was covering

The organisational structure and operating model did not support the complexity of multi-indication medical information requirements


Interviewed all Medical Affairs and related stakeholders to understand the constraints and expectations of their specific franchises and their ability to deliver the required value

Synthesised the insights from the diagnosis to get to the essence of the issues

Aligned management on a new future structure and set of responsibilities as well as an improved way of operating to optimise the value of the team

  • A clear fit-for-purpose and aligned role for the Medical Affairs team that was able to meet the expectations of its internal stakeholders with a new and optimal team structure and ways of working to deliver the required support
  • Improved medical affairs support for a key product franchise with multiple indications