Align and focus market access

An evolved and more effective role and focus for a global market access team to address access and pricing pressure


Market changes were causing increased access and pricing pressure, requiring more leadership from the Global Market Access (GMA) team of the diagnostic unit of a Big Pharma

The GMA team was not engaging proactively with development and commercial teams to set access and pricing strategy and evolve the company’s development and commercial strategies


Engaged leaders across the organisation to understand their perspectives on the current and future challenges and the role and value of GMA in addressing those challenges

Facilitated a workshop with the GMA team to drive a detailed and structured discussion of GMA’s future priorities and value proposition for supporting the company

Developed a concise proposal on the GMA team’s strategic focus that was aligned with the leadership team for implementation

  • A clear and consistent value proposition and priorities for the Global Market Access team that was agreed with leadership and became the basis of its operating model
  • Improved product and commercial strategies that respond better to access and pricing dynamics