Create a clear external growth plan

An actionable growth plan including a clear future direction, identified expansion candidates and a roadmap to deliver


Following a period of profitability constraints, a MidPharma was poised for adding external partnerships and bolt-on acquisitions and needed a prioritised set of candidates to approach with a strong rationale for each

The management team had differing views on the relative attractiveness of different candidates and how they would fit the corporate strategy


Aligned management on future goals and preferred growth options based on management team insights and preferences and the agreed corporate vision and direction

Searched thoroughly for possible expansion candidates based on agreed profiles, and assessed the feasibility and attractiveness of those that best fit the corporate goals

Synthesised and aligned on a clear and actionable growth plan including the rationale for specific moves and interdependencies between the various options to pursue

  • A sequenced and actionable roadmap including candidates for immediate follow up to focus corporate development activities across therapeutic areas, regions, and types of company
  • A richer and more coherent pipeline of partnership and M&A candidates that fit the corporate direction