Create corporate focus for growth

Board commitment to invest in an adjacent therapeutic area in a single market


Shareholders were pressurising the board of a MidPharma to prioritise its investments either regionally or therapeutically to drive short-term growth

The board were split between doubling down on a successful product franchise and investing in new paths to grow, and incremental NPV analyses on each new opportunity were not helping


Clarified and focused the feasible strategic alternatives for the company, evaluated each from a strategic and financial perspective, and established the full value and risk implications of creative paths to grow

Facilitated evidence-based discussions with the executive team to narrow down the alternatives to a dominant strategic framework that clearly prioritised where and what to buy, build or disinvest

  • A strategic framework that required a refreshed therapeutic and geographic focus and a ruling out of other options
  • Fast-tracking and investment in the launch of a complementary product with the knowledge that it fitted well with the strategic framework that the company had aligned on