Create corporate growth strategy

Board commitment to pursue a focused technology, indication and partnerships growth strategy


An early-stage biotech with a highly innovative new technology that had multiple therapeutic area and indication possibilities sought a focus for its further product and technology developments

The management team and board did not have an evidence-based view on which opportunities were the best ones to pursue for further corporate growth


Analysed and clarified the corporate ambition and risk appetite, previous growth ideas that had been considered, and the key technology advantages, issues, priorities and challenges

Qualitatively triaged and evaluated the wealth of growth options, with illustrative financial and risk projections driven by market opportunities and comparable partnership and M&A deals

Created an implementation roadmap to convert the strategic choices to a tangible reality including critical path activities, resource requirements and risks to manage

  • An evidence backed strategic roadmap and compelling value propositions to take to potential partners that could further advance the technology and create novel products
  • Engaged in a highly valuable partnership with a major pharma based on the board’s and management team’s clarity in strategic focus and confidence to transact