Create project-centric ways of working

A project-centric operating model for improved R&D productivity and performance


A MidPharma was suffering from the complexity of a highly diverse portfolio of projects, multiple domains of functional expertise, and resource allocation pressures, resulting in project delays with insufficient pipeline progression and launch of valuable products

The decision-making, roles and responsibilities and governance of R&D lacked a focus and sense of urgency for project progression


Interviewed a broad range of executives from within the company’s R&D organisation and related stakeholders to understand the roots of the performance issue

Externally researched into other organisation’s structures, practices and processes for R&D activities that were relevant to and could inspire solutions to the company’s specific challenges

Designed a new operating model for R&D including a strengthening of project teams, revitalised governance, improved project leadership and management

  • A new and implemented operating model design including new matrix emphasis, teams, governance and behaviours
  • A significantly refocused R&D portfolio and an acceleration of the progression of the company’s most promising projects