Data deals for an AI biotech

Qualified leads for an AI drug discovery biotech to explore data-related deals with MidPharmas


An AI drug discovery biotech sought drug discovery data from both failed and successful assets to train its algorithms.

Management wanted to understand MidPharma appetite for and concerns over providing their drug discovery data in creative deal structures, so that it could consider how to further evolve its data strategy.

  • Engaged with the biotech’s leadership team to create alignment on data requirements and possible deal structure options
  • Created an anonymised value proposition and established key questions to explore with global MidPharmas
  • Screened global MidPharma landscape and created shortlist of companies for outreach
  • Contacted and interviewed shortlisted global MidPharmas to generate partnering insights, and identified multiple companies open to connecting with client
  • Validation of the theory that MidPharmas have relevant drug discovery data, and are open to providing it in creative deals
  • Qualified connections to MidPharmas that indicated openness to data-related deals
  • Clear next steps for data strategy informed by in-depth partnering insights