Deliver a new corporate direction

A focused path to deliver a new corporate strategic direction to drive revenue diversification and growth


A specialty Pharma company needed to diversify given a narrow therapeutic area focus, a commercial footprint overly reliant on a single market, and a generic threat to its lead asset.

An incremental business case mindset was leading the company to over-invest in short-term growth at the expense of strategically de-risking the company for shareholders.

  • Engaged with key executives to understand internal perspectives on the current situation and the desired future for the business
  • Defined and valued alternative strategic paths to diversification, and identified the key value drivers within each
  • Developed a strategic framework that defined a new corporate direction and enabled key decisions to be made on how to diversify
  • An Executive Committee aligned on the new strategic direction, giving them the confidence to launch an asset in a new therapeutic area in their key market, and seek partners in non-core markets