Develop insight and focus to raise funds

Evidence-based clarity in strategic focus for fund-raising and corporate partnership discussions


An early stage biotech sought competitive insight and a business development narrative to support fund-raising and the consideration of suitable partnership deals to enable expansion

The biotech’s technology was highly innovative with a corresponding recent rapid growth in the number of companies and pipeline products that were either precedents or competitors


We carried out a thorough competitor analysis based on the mechanism of action of the technology and the phase of development of companies that were active in the target therapeutic area as well as the specific indication for the company’s lead asset

We analysed comparable deals and companies in terms of upfronts, funding rounds, initial public offerings and pipeline progress

We developed clear and succinct board and investor materials for the CEO to use in ongoing discussions

  • Confirmation and a depth of evidence behind the CEO’s initial instinct regarding positioning the biotech optimally for fund-raising
  • Confidence and tangible evidence to drive further fund-raising for the company