Enable successful commercial expansion

A strategic decision to self-build and bolt-on acquire to enable successful commercial expansion in a new region


A Pharma company with an attractive late-stage pipeline sought to strengthen its commercial footprint in an important region for one of its therapeutic areas.

Key stakeholders were not aligned on whether to self-build, acquire or partner in order to best create value, as there was insufficient insight into how feasible each option was.

  • Assessed the corporate ambition and the current portfolio and capabilities from a potential partner’s perspective through structured interviews and analysis
  • Thoroughly screened and anonymously approached selected CEOs and key stakeholders of potential partners or M&A candidates to explore the nature of feasible deals with the company
  • Narrowed down the options for commercial footprint expansion with key stakeholders using a decision-making framework and facilitated workshops
  • Clear alignment that partnering was not the right approach for the company and identification of the most promising M&A candidates to support self-build
  • A clear and aligned strategic focus for internal resources to be deployed effectively for commercial expansion in a core region and therapeutic area for the company