Enrich the R&D pipeline

A focused role and portfolio strategy for a new R&D therapeutic area team to enable rapid pipeline enrichment


A newly established R&D therapeutic area team was tasked with creating attractive commercial opportunities to drive future growth beyond a Pharma company’s core therapeutic area.

The new team, which integrated two previously separate teams, required a clear focus to align on how to maximise value creation from its combined portfolio and enrich its future pipeline.

  • Understood internal perspectives on the new therapeutic area team’s role through key stakeholder interviews, and used to develop a clear vision and strategic priorities with the team
  • Defined the characteristics of an attractive commercial opportunity for the company and used a multi-criteria approach to evaluate the current portfolio of assets in this context
  • Developed recommendations on how to enrich and restructure the current portfolio to strengthen attractive assets and reposition those that did not fit with the new vision and priorities
  • R&D leadership aligned on the role and portfolio strategy for the new R&D therapeutic area team
  • A new R&D therapeutic area team empowered by a clear strategic focus and set of recommendations on how to maximise the value of its assets