Create insight for R&D partnerships

Accelerated business development insight and qualified leads to drive potential R&D partnerships for two lead assets


A biotech with a specific therapeutic expertise had developed two lead assets that had potential in several non-core indications and sought partnerships to progress its assets

Business Development activities had stalled and had not yielded sufficient contact with the senior R&D executives who would be open to creative partnership approaches for the various indications


Thoroughly analysed the lead assets in terms of what would be attractive to what type of company, and crafted succinct value propositions to take to potential partners

Screened the global universe of potential partners for the value propositions, and selected a short list of promising candidates

Anonymously interviewed senior executives in relevant potential partners to explore deal possibilities and understand opportunities and barriers to deals

  • A set of high-quality well-qualified introductions to several promising potential partners and insight into how attractive the assets were, why, and what could be done about it
  • A significant acceleration of Business Development insight that led to important decisions on two assets