Plan more focused external innovation

An approved external innovation business plan with focused investments, capabilities and processes to enrich the pipeline


Ambitious targets for pipeline growth in a MidPharma led to a request for R&D to establish how it could do more external innovation in order to support achievement of the new goals

The external innovation team was under-resourced and traditionally focused on earlier technology collaborations rather than the pipeline enrichment that was newly required


Developed a powerful external innovation strategy that supported the delivery of the desired R&D strategy, and designed new activities and processes for the various elements of the organisation involved in external innovation

Benchmarked a subset of peer companies to inform key choices around resourcing, capabilities, targets and necessary investment

Created a business plan that included resourcing, return on investment and impact on the existing organisation and designed the “reconfigured” R&D/BD capabilities

  • The external innovation business plan was approved, implemented, and embedded into the existing R&D and BD processes
  • The company applied the plan to accelerate pipeline enrichment through signing more high quality and focused external innovation deals