Transform the R&D organisation

A transformed R&D organisation with the R&D strategy and structure to deliver on new and ambitious corporate goals


Corporate management changes and profitability pressures in a MidPharma led to a new focus on the value that R&D was creating, and how productivity could be significantly improved

The company had a multi-site fully integrated R&D organisation that had not delivered any new products to market for decades


Thoroughly and critically analysed the R&D portfolio and organisation from discovery through to registration across small molecules and biologics and several therapeutic areas

Developed a pipeline evolution model to explore what kind of output could be expected from the existing portfolio supplemented by business development

Comprehensively benchmarked the R&D organisations and performance of relevant peers, in order to highlight areas for improvement in strategy, structure and outsourcing

  • A new and more focused strategy with new goals and a significant change to the focus, size and footprint of the R&D organisation
  • A more productive basis for enriching the pipeline and increasing the ROI of R&D