Optimise commercial strategy

An optimised regional commercial strategy and go-to-market model


A multi-product biotech with a newly established commercial footprint in the US was not getting the speed of uptake that was expected prior to launch

The specialty product was not straightforward to commercialise as it required a procedure, an associated device and a relationship approach with key centres spread across the US


Analysed the situation through primary and secondary research to identify drivers and barriers to product adoption, usage and leakage points after the initial positive uptake

Identified two opportunities for improved commercialisation, through accounts that did not modify logistics to accommodate the product and high rates of equipment failure during procedures

Developed an account start-up process to systematically support accounts with pathway logistics, and created a ‘Surgical Executive’ role to provide on-site support

  • Clarity of action for the US commercial team that was aligned with headquarters and addressed the most important growth constraints
  • Product growth accelerated to >100% and remained in excess of 40% year on year after two years